Terms & Conditions: Consol Solar Jar – The Consol Shop Cornubia

Terms & Conditions: Consol Solar Jar

1. Warranty: 

a. Consol Solar Jars or Sonnenglas solar modules (panels) will only be exchanged in-store, not refunded, if found to be defective within the 12-month warranty period (from the date of purchase).

b. Customers are required to retain the proof of purchase indicating the specific Consol Shop and purchase date.  

2. Upgrade Programme: 
a. Customers can return their old Consol Solar Jar module (panel), regardless of its working condition, to any of the three Consol Shops. In return, they will receive a discount of R40 (including vat) on the purchase of a new generation 6 module. Please note that the upgrade programme only applies to the module itself and does not include the ring, handle, and glass components.

b. The discount of R40 (including vat) will only be available while stocks last or until the end of October 2023, whichever comes first.

c. The discount can only be used towards the purchase of the Sonnenglas Solar Module generation 6 and cannot be applied to any other items in-store.

d. The upgrade programme is only available in-store, where customers must physically bring in their old unit to exchange it for a new one. In addition to the exchange, customers will be responsible for paying the difference in the retail price.